Hair Accessories Here to Stay this Fall

Are diamonds really a girl's best friend? Or is it her favorite hair accessory? We will let you decide. Hair accessories come in different shapes and sizes, often being the backbone to a good hair day. Whether they are used to secure extravagant hairstyles or keeping bangs from blocking your vision, everyone has an accessory that works for their hair. Scarves and hats aren't the only things we are breaking out this fall.



You may remember rocking your first headband at a very young age but luckily they have not gone out of style! If anything, they have become even more popular. Headbands are signature accessories with multiple purposes such as making an outfit pop, keeping your head warm and fashionably covering up unwashed hair.

Headbands come in so many different materials, making this accessory versatile for every season. With the cooler months ahead, it wouldn't be a bad idea to stock up on some trendy cotton and fur headbands.


Jeweled Barrettes & Hair Clips

Image Attribution: BaubleBar

No need to wait for a special occasion to break out sparkly accessories. Jeweled barrettes and hair clips are perfect for adding subtle touches of spark to an everyday outfit.

These lovely pieces can be big or small with their statements. There are so many different ways you can style one hair clip, so you are sure to get plenty of use!

In the event you do have somewhere fancy to go this fall, a bejeweled barrette may go best with that necklace you planned on wearing.



Add a feminine touch with a bow! There is bound to be one you fall in love with. Choose from silk, satin, ribbon and so much more.

This is probably the one accessory that is the easiest to make on your own. Having the option to go and pick out your own fabric enables you to customize each bow. It is also then up to you to pick the size!

Bows look great styled in a low pony or even clipped in.



Image Attribution: The Feather Junkie

Dare to be extraordinary? Feathered accessories are amazing for adding texture to your hair! This look is very luxurious and adds a unique style.

Just in time for the fall, this hair trend is perfect paired with jean jackets and boots. Pick accessories with natural warm colors for boho inspired hair!



Image Attribution: ShopBop

Sleek hairstyles are better than ever with the help of scrunchies! This hair accessory trend has been back for a while, adding an extra something to any look.

With fierce patterns like cheetah print to more subtle leather looks, scrunchies are not only lightweight but super easy to work with.