My First AquaDerm Experience: My Skin Has NEVER Looked Better!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

With the strong rays of sunlight in full effect, your skin can start to feel and appear dehydrated or damaged. Although summer may be everyone’s favorite season, too much exposure to the sun can have negative impacts on your skin. I had the opportunity to experience Modern Body Spa’s NEW Aqua-dermabrasion treatment and can now fully understand what people are raving about. This service is one of the most powerful treatments you can receive that has zero downtime or irritating side effects. Not to mention this facial is effective and beneficial for all skin types.

Modern Body Spa: Hydrofacial System

My esthetician Laura, walked me through the entire process and answered every and any question that came to mind during my service. All of the products that were used contained top quality, all-natural ingredients from the Eminence Organic Skin Care line. The unique and indulging scents each product, served as an aromatherapy on its own.

My treatment began with a double-cleanse; removing any excess makeup and oils from my face. The fresh Wildflower Cleansing Balm left my skin feeling soft and refreshed with its purifying milk consistency. She then performed a deeper cleanse with the Stone Crop Gel Wash which is excellent for hydrating uneven skin tones and blemishes without the drying effects.

After my entire face was prepped, Laura analyzed my skin’s condition. While targeting my areas of concern and personal skin type, we were able to come up with a plan to achieve the best results. The exfoliation process began by removing any impurities with the AQUAGLOPlus rejuvenating system. This new era of facials is designed with cutting-edge technology by removing dead skin cells and dirt while replacing hydrating and reparative serums into the skin. Powered with a vacuum-like suction pump, my skin was gently exfoliated in brush stroke motions with the light weight hand piece. The tool has a unique dome-shaped applicator tip that improves congested pores as well as brings stubborn blackheads to the surface.

To help refresh and rejuvenate my skin after the extraction process, the Stone Crop Masque was applied for healing and calming benefits. The masque contains organic ingredients and high amounts of moisture that activates and boosts water content of the skin. I enjoyed a relaxing shoulder and upper arm massage while the masque was setting in. The smell of the Apricot Body Oil was heavenly, and it was nice to have another part of my skin feeling hydrated.

The final step in this treatment was probably my favorite part. Laura held a circular cooling plate known as the CryoChill over the masque. This tool is equipped with blue LED lights and has multiple functions. This tool works to tighten pores, calm the skin and any inflammation, improves collagen production and kills bacteria. After the masque was removed, my skin was healed with a Stone Crop Toner and a protective moisturizer for my skin type.

This powerful but gentle treatment left my skin looking and feeling more amazing than ever before. The AquaDerm gave me a beautiful, glowing result and for the first time I felt confident walking out with a bare face. This all-in-one treatment is unlike anything I have ever experienced before with its combination of suction sensation and aqua infusion. This is definitely one of those services you have to see to believe and now I am asking myself, what was I waiting for?

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